Use it to plan tour or any multi-stop journey

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PlanARoute is a great tool for creating driving, walking, cycling or point-to-point routes. More than directions from points A to B, PlanARoute gives you directions from points A to Z.

Use it to plan or record (using your photos) a tour or any other multi-stop journey.

Have you been on a journey, where you took many photos and would like to retrace your journey?  PlanARoute can retrace your route using the photos in your Camera Roll or any other photo with geolocation data on your device.  Also, you can view a full screen slideshow of all the photos that are attached to any pin location in your route.

Preserves your privacy by storing your information on your device, not on a website.

Works with or without an internet connection.

Download free sample routes that can be imported into your device by tapping on the Routes tab above.

RouteMyPhotos is another app that will display all the photos in a selected photo album or moment and calculate the cumulative distance between all the photos in that album.  No internet connection is required to use this app.  This is a quick way of recreating any journey you took and calculate the total distance traveled without running a battery draining GPS app on your device.

MapMyPhotos is a companion app which displays the creation date, time, elevation and locations of photos on your device.  These photos are displayed for any selected album or moment.





  • Create driving, walking or cycling routes with directions and time estimates of up to 26 locations.
  • Create Point-to-Point routes (no directions, just straight paths) with an unlimited number of locations.
  • Sync routes among your devices and the devices of your friends and associates by emailing the route to them. (The emailed route can be automatically loaded into PlanARoute).
  • GPX and KML data can be both imported into and exported from PlanARoute.
  • An unlimited number of routes can be saved and viewed even when your device is not connected to the internet.
  • Preserves your privacy by storing your information on your device, not on a website.
  • Add locations by touching the map,  entering an address or search term in the search area, by selecting an address from your Photos, Contacts, Favorites library, or by selecting a photo with geolocation data from your photo albums.
  • Locations can have their order, address and/or distance displayed on the map.
  • Locations can have a photo and note attached to them.  Photos are pointed to in your photo albums (not copied) saving room on your device.
  • Location address information can be saved to your Contacts Address book.
  • Location information (including photo and note) can be saved to your Favorites library.
  • Distances can be measured in miles or kilometers.
  • Standard, satellite, and hybrid maps can be displayed.
  • Both visual and written directions with time estimates are created for a route.
  • Emailed routes can be viewed in Google Earth or be automatically imported into PlanARoute on another device.
  • Locations can be passed to and viewed in Apple Maps or Google Maps.
  • An elevation chart of your route can be created.



PlanARoute is a universal iOS app, it works the same way on an iPhone as it does on a iPad.

PlanARoute on the iPhone and iPod Touch


PlanARoute on the iPad and iPad mini