Use it to plan tour or any multi-stop journey

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About RouteMyPhotos

RouteMyPhotos enables you to recreate a journey from the photos you took on that journey.

Simply choose any photo album or moment, and all the photos in that selected album will be plotted on a map in the order you took those photos.  Then tap the routing button to create a path connecting those photos with the distances between the photos being automatically calculated.

All that is required is that you have allowed your camera app to record your geolocation. displays the creation date, time and elevation of photos on your device.  This will help you recall exactly when and where you created your photos.

No internet connection is required to use this app, 


Interested in knowing where and how far you have traveled but do not want to waste battery power running your device’s GPS?  Just take a photo at key points in your journey and RouteMyPhotos will plot on a map the photos took and plot a path with distance traveled between those photos.  Then view a slideshow of the photos in your route by tapping the photo attached to a location.




Plot all the photos in a photo album or moment on a map.

Plot a path between these photos and calculate the distance traveled without using the internet.

Lookup the address of a photo (this requires internet connection).

View a slideshow of any album or photo album.



Main Menu

Tap the "Menu" button in the top left of the map screen to view the main menu.  The options available from the main menu are:

  1. "Select Album" will show a list of all your photo albums on your device.
  2. "List Photos in Album" will display a list of all the photos in whatever album you have selected.
  3. "Remove all Pins" will remove any pins that are currently being displayed on your map.
  4. "FAQ" will display instructions on how to use MapMyPhotos.
  5. "PlanARoute in the App Store" will open up the Apple App Store and display the PlanARoute app.   With PlanARoute you can add a title, note, look up the address and recreate your journey from your photos.  Both visual and written directions (with distance traveled) can be created from these photos and any other location you add to your journey.  Conserve your device's battery by using PlanARoute instead of a GPS tracking app to tack and map your journey.


List Photos in Album

This presents a list of photos in whatever album you have selected.  For each photo the date, time, and elevation of the photo will be displayed.  If geolocation data (Lat/Lng) is available for the photo, then a pin for that photo will be placed on the map.

If you tap on one of the rows, a full size blow up of the photo will be displayed, and if the location of the photo is known, then the corresponding pin for that photo will selected.


Display of selected Photo

When you tap on a photo in the list of photos a full screen version of the photo will be displayed.

You can also select any pin on your map and the photo will be shown full screen.

You can scroll forward or backward through all your photos in your selected album by simply swiping forward or backward on the displayed photo.